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Emma Berliner is an artist, designer and filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles. She graduated from the Film

and Television program at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts where she was awarded the Martin Scorsese Young Filmmaker's Award and the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Grant for her thesis film Miss Ellis Island

Emma's work seeks to re-contextualize images, histories and objects through the juxtaposition of contrasting genres, technologies and materials. Her interdisciplinary design practice is methodized by the film & performance theories that she was introduced to during her undergraduate film studies — in particular, Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, which suggests that through structured improvisation “the audience is taking in process and product simultaneously” to create deeper engagement with the work; engaging a space between present and future.

Emma publishes work under the banner mixedgreens — most recently debuting dog dykes ; a collaborative zine

at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair.

She is currently attending CalArts earning her MFA in Graphic Design with a focus on Motion Design.  

Clients include: Vogue, Nylon, Goop and Paramount TV.