The initial period of experimentation is an incredibly important part of my process when developing an idea. During this stage, assets are created and I start putting the various pieces together to begin to evaluate their formal, emotional and methophoric qualities. I love sketching in After Effects.


Below are a selection of video tests and experiments I've made during the past three years at CalArts.

Paper / Text Tests for Video Collage independent study with Rebecca Barron (Fall, 2018)

8.5 x 11" Laser prints

In collaboration with writer Amanda Scharf, this video incorporates poetry to explore the act of reading in the context of digital video: to better understand how we read information presented via screens. Using imagery sourced from 1970's Adult Magazines for men, this project also examines the perception of touch, reading tactility and the female body in contrast to the intimacy and quietness of the writing.

The Essay Film class (Spring, 2018)

Title Sequence Typography Tests for "Blitzed," inspired by the book chronicling drug use under the Third Reich. 

Laser printed text filmed through a vase filled with water, lit by projector, and finally overlaid with Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia.

Motion 1 (Fall, 2017) SOUND


Cookie Cutters and a flashlight

on white paper

MFA 1 (Fall, 2018)

Color collage

Photo gels on my record player

Independent Study (Fall, 2018)

Series of moving portraits taken while standing over a scanner, on a sunny day, and moving my head.

Visual Literacy (Fall, 2017)

Animated Riso-printed pages from a book made in collaboration with Christina Huang and Vivian Naranjo for the Otis Art Bookfair. (Summer, 2018) CHECK OUT THE BOOK HERE

Tests for a failed film, post-apocalypse.

Light refracted off the VHS tape in the desert

to create the dot pattern on the left.

Visual Literacy (Spring, 2018)

Video Test around the idea of Latency, inspired by the essay Exhaustion and Exuberance by Jan Verwoert, using the Vogue September Issue

and an exacto knife. 

Graduate Practice (Fall, 2019)

Experiments with collaging, painting or drawing  directly onto laser printed video sequences, then re-animating. 

Graduate Practice (Spring, 2020)